Retailers FAQs

Why should I Buy on Vyaparsathi?

Vyaparsathi wishes to bring your products at your door steps from vendors all over india, in Unorganised business categories. we wish to create a credible, trustworthy and transparent online ecosystem, to bring your products from vendors all over India at the most competitive prices. Retailers will have access to thousands of his products 24X7 with complete product details and prices.

How should I register as a retailer on Vyaparsathi?

To register on Vyaparsathi:
1. Open website on Google.
2. Register as a Retailer with your gst number, selecting your category and filling the required fields..
3. On approval from vyaparsathi,you can view the products with prices and start your purchases.

Will I get charged for registration on Vyaparsathi?

No. Registration on is absolutely free as of now and you can view the products & its prices 24X7 & strengthen your purchases .

When can I start Buying?

On approval from vyaparsathi and filling your retailer’s profile, you can start viewing your products and start buying .

Why should i fill retailers profile?

To know you and your business better.

How should I order on vyaparsathi?

Product details with prices and standard quantity is mentioned in the tabular select your requirement & add to the cart informing your shipping address & your selected logistics.A performa invoice will be generated along with the quantity that you have selected,,GST tax details & vyaparsathi bank details.

when and how should i pay ?

You will have to pay directly to vyaparsathi bank account through NEFT/RTGS/online will process your order & inform the selected vendor to dispatch goods directly to your shop on Topay/paid basis .

How & when will my goods be delivered at my shop?

Our vendors are big time manufacturers/ distributors & our appointed stockists. They keep your ordered goods in bulk .Once the order is approved & sent to the vendor, the vendor will dispatch the goods through your preferred logistics at the earliest.The vendor will inform the transit details.The retailer can track the transit details on the track order and the logistics website .

What about quality appraisal & Feedback?

On our website, you do have the following—
1. Call vyaparsathi
2. Message vyaparsathi
3. Whatsapp vyaparsathi
With these options you can appraise the goods & send in your Feedback.

What will be my Benefits with association on vyaparsathi?

1. Vyaparsathi is associated with thousands of retailers,and purchases are in bulk quantity,enabling retailers to enjoy benefits of large scale buying.
2. The retailer can place the order 24X7 , at his leisure time.
3. The prices of your products will be highly competitive .Retailer’s purchases will be at par with big-time Retailers & can enjoy discounts of cash purchases.
4. Retailer need not manage multiple vendors & multiple accounts & can instead concentrate on sales.
5. Retailer can fulfill enquiries at his shop, irrespective of stock at his shop.

Can a direct consumer search vyaparsathi’s website & know the prices ?

No,Direct consumer’s will not be entertained. Only registered retailers of vyaparsathi will have access to the prices

How do I manage my orders on vyaparsathi?

Through our retailers dashboard, we make it really easy for you to manage your orders. You can view past and the present orders on your retailers dashboard and manage your inventory at your shop.
What will be the role of vyaparsathi in case of damaged / shortage and complaints of goods?
Vyaparsathi has vendors samples at their offices .The seller will dispatch the ordered goods as per the specifications mentioned . In case of any problem with the goods, the retailer will inform vyaparsathi about complaints of the goods.On genuine complaints,Vyaparsathi will check & verify.